Excerpt from Fading Dusk


He smiled to himself turning back to the crowd gathered tightly around the neonlit stage. Todd was gyrating his near naked form for the screaming women. Hand lashing out in hopes of yanking a hair or two loose from his platinum streaked mane.

He flung his hair out to them, jerking back just as they mobbed one another to try for a grab.

It had been the rage for the past few shows… who could get a few luxurious hairs form the beautiful dancer to gloat about. Todd pranced in nothing but a very snug thong. Swinging his hips as he made to dive off the edge of the stage, stopping himself mid motion to again fling the silken mass at the grappling girls.

Leon sighed as a fight broke out in the front of the crowd. Two ecstasy infused girls going at it over some of that hair. He nodded to the three burly security guards across the stage front.

One of them pulled the screeching girls apart like hissing cats, ushering them gently to the bar to cool off. It was rare anyone was manhandled in the club… so often full of the delicate humans. Zander made it law to defuse fights as gently as possible until no other option presented itself.

Often the case with the otherkin and vampires. But that was a different situation altogether.

Todd laughed gaily. Wrapping his body around a neon lit dance pole. The bright pink and orange flashing off his sweat slick skin as he swung himself to the top. Clinging to the pole with naked thighs he dropped the rest of his body to reach out towards the crowd, shaking that huge mass of shimmering hair as the women and some men screeched in excitement.

His eyes caught the subtle motion of a girl far back by the bar. He could see she was clutching books with a confused expression on her pretty face. She looked as if the school bus dropped her off at the wrong place. He lowered himself to the floor in slow arching swings around the pole. His eyes still on her as a bouncer harassed her for ID.

Making several wide bows to the delighted crowd he gave them a back arching view of his silk clad crotch, bringing another wave of screams as he dashed from the stage into the back hall of dressing rooms.

He had to see who that girl was… rushing to fling a satin robe of black across his shoulders. Heading for the bar where he last seen her.

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The Lost Journal

This is an excerpt from the journal of James Winchester. The story is centered around characters from the Winchester Novel Project.

My name is James.

Those were the first words I remember writing as a child. I guess I wrote them here because I didn’t know how else to begin.

My name is James Winchester. My mother’s name is Elissa Winchester and my father’s name is Luce. Mom died six months ago and I have never known my dad. My little brother’s name is Johnny.

I look up from these pages and look across the small bonfire to see him laying there, wrapped up in a blanket. His face is pale and haggard under that dark mop of hair of his. He’s been plagued by nightmares ever since mom died, hell we both have, and here in this Godforsaken city they have grown worse. It’s like the city itself produces the dreams and the visions that haunts us.

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