Gangs of New York: Under the Dragon’s Wings

By Sharma Wild. First published on Fanfiction.net. 2004.

I saw him swaggering down Murderers’ Alley on his way to Paradise Square, lean and mean like them knives he carries. Dressed in a top hat and finery, as if he was a fancy gentleman instead of a common crook like the rest of us. Him and his boys.
I walk with ’em now. Walk tall by the Butcher’s side, as posh as the rest of ’em. I show the Natives’ colours proudly, keeping his pace. For all the world knows, I’m walking to the beat of his drum.

Bill Cutting. Bill the Butcher.

He has taken me under his wings. He pats my shoulder and calls me ‘son’.

And every time I set eyes on him I see you laying on your back in the mud with your life’s blood seepin’ out of you.

Are you proud of me for avenging you, Pa? For havin’ sand enough to woo the dragon? And I’m close, oh so close…

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A Moment Before the Storm

Written by Sharma Wild. First published on Thursday 23 September 2010.

An Erotic fantasy short story set in the world of Annwen. Arthos Merddyn, an apprentice Knight of Avalon, meets Prince Emrys, the young Captain of Ithindor, on the eve of battle.

The party was a lavish affair. Fires lit the skies with the brilliance of daylight while lords and ladies, dressed in their finery, fluttered about like butterflies or rested on marble benches, drinking wine and nibbling on delicacies, talking and laughing, playing the games of court with much finesse and elegance.

It was strange to think that on the other side of the high walls that encompassed the royal palace men prepared themselves to ride into to battle, kissed their wives and children and told them that they loved them, looked upon those dear faces for perhaps the last time.

Arthos Myrddin found that thought strangely disturbing and a frown shadowed his smooth forehead. He glanced at his master. The Knight was talking to a noble looking young man dressed in silk and velvet embroidered with goldthread and adorned with pearls and jewels. It was for him this party was being held. Eamon, King of Ithindor, Guardian of Caer Arian, the White Citadel, had announced that his oldest son, Brennain, would be Crown Prince and lead the army into battle.

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