Story Updates

Greetings Dear Readers,

So much have happened that its been hardly any time to post anything new for you to read. We have recently finished a novel called Fading Dusk and started writing its sequal, Burning Midnight.

Fading Dusk is an Urban Fantasy novel taking place in New Orleans. It tells a story centred around vampires, werewolves and faeries. A young woman, Dawn, who works as a translator of ancient texts discovers that the strange and mysterious book called Vermis Mysteriis is the key to releasing the Seven Gods of Chaos. Unfortunately both vampire lord Zander Kopft and Remus, the mad leader of the local werewolf pack wants the book bad enough that they are willing to kill to get it.

Exotic dancer, Todd, emplyee of Zander, finds himself in the thick of things when he falls in love with Dawn and is forced to face not only the anger of the master vampire but his dark and violent past as Dawn is kidnapped by Remus who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the book.

An excerpt will be available to readers shortly.

Best Regards,
Sharma Wild


Bubble bubble toil and trouble…

Running a busness takes so much time… So much papperwork that needs doing. At least I knew what I was getting in to. Still, I miss the days when I had time off to nothing all day long.

I’m trying to keep the company and life at home seperate so I wont burn myself out. It is working actually :) I’ve had a little time to start writing again. Managed to reply in the stories, didn’t? :D And I finally got the Exile story back up on the board.

And I’ve started working on a story, maybe it will grow into a novel? I write a little on it everyday on my way to and from the store. :)