It’s Spring Dammit!

The weather outside might still be grey, cold and wet, but here on the Faery Court spring has arrived! As always we celebrate the change of season with a new theme and a renewed wish that our little community will grow and evolve.

At the moment we have three very active members, myself included, and a couple of old friends lurking in the shadows. We have a growing library of fan fiction set in the worlds of Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Assassins Creed.  At the moment it is all kept on the private part of the board, but we’ll try to get something up for you to read here on the open part of the Faery Court.

On a more personal note, I have started working on one of my old stories. It started out as a short story but it is growing into a novel. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it and perhaps even publish it sometime this year. I’m holding my fingers crossed. :)

Best Regards,





Dear readers,

We celebrate the new year with a new theme. It is our hope that the Faery Court will continue to grow and that new visitors will find us and enjoy our stories. At the moment we are working on a sequal to the story Fading Dusk and a fantasy story complete with elves and mages.

We also would like to take this moment to welcome and old friend. Myst was one of our first members on the old La Feé Verte site – the very first version of TFC – and we are overjoyed to have him in our midst again :)

Best regards,

The Faery Court Staff