Welcome to a new year and a new theme! My dream of creating an online home for our little group remains the same. I hope that we will continue to collaborate and grow and share our inspiration and our dreams with each other for many years to come!

Lots of love,



It’s Spring Dammit!

The weather outside might still be grey, cold and wet, but here on the Faery Court spring has arrived! As always we celebrate the change of season with a new theme and a renewed wish that our little community will grow and evolve.

At the moment we have three very active members, myself included, and a couple of old friends lurking in the shadows. We have a growing library of fan fiction set in the worlds of Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Assassins Creed.  At the moment it is all kept on the private part of the board, but we’ll try to get something up for you to read here on the open part of the Faery Court.

On a more personal note, I have started working on one of my old stories. It started out as a short story but it is growing into a novel. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it and perhaps even publish it sometime this year. I’m holding my fingers crossed. :)

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Happy Walpurgis Night!!

It is the eve of May Day. Here in Sweden we celibrate by lighting bonfires and singing songs. And by drinking too much and raising hell. I think it’s the viking heritage.lol Personallay I’m going to spend this evening with a tub of B&J Cookie dough ice cream, sorting through my books. I’m moving to a small house with a tiny garden in about two weeks time. I can’t wait! I’ve wanted to move away from the city for so long and now it’s finally happening!

I couldn’t let the season change go unnoticed and so I have updated the Faery Court theme. This new set of graphic and colours are inpsired by the Bohemian era of the 19th century. I hope you enjoy it.

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Faery christmas…

For me christmas is the time for telling fairytales, for reading those wonderful books that captured our imagination as children. The Wizard of Oz is shown on TV and jinglebells can be heard on every radio-channel. And in the spirit of childhood books I’ve decorated the Faery Court with an Alice-theme.

Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll was, and still is, one of my absolute favorite books.  And a great source of inspiration. There is an almost mystical dark air in the book that keeps facinating both artist and writers. If you haven’t yet read Alice In Wonderland DO IT! :) 

The art is based on concept images from the game Alice – Madness Returns.


Winter draws near…

It grows colder and colder every day. The grass is covered in frost and the wind rips the leafs from the trees. There will still be a couple of those lovely autumn days with sunshine and air so high and clear it seems as if the world is seen through crystal-glass.

As is our tradition we greet the change of the season with a new theme – this one inspired by the classical arts.

Blessings & Love


Change of Season – Change of Theme

Summer’s lease as all too short a date…

Autumn is around the corner, and as nature starts shifting colour so does our site. This year the Faery Court goes Steampunk… well, sort off.

The lovely angels in the header are by artist Alexander Jansson.