Happy Holidays!

poe2We have left the warmth and light of summer behind and entered the dark months of the year… Now is the time to tell ghost stories and rekindle our relationship with the werewolf and the vampire. But it is also the time to light candles and give ourselves over to the magic of Christmas. 

We decorate our homes, we set our tables and present a cornucopia of delicious treats and dishes, we give and receive gifts… Every family has its own traditions when it comes to celebrate Christmas – traditions that let us connect to our childhood, and to the loved ones we have lost. We feel close to those who came before us and we celebrate the light and love they passed on, and we create new memories and new traditions to be handed down to the new generations.

Here on the Faerycourt we have only one tradition: a new theme to reflect the change of the seasons. Our Winter-theme is inspired by the world of fairytales and of times past.

I also want to take this opportunity to present two new members: Cyan, who joined us earlier this year, and Fallen Angel, who was a member on the old site and who has returned to, hopefully, add his creativity to ours.

As always I hope the Faerycourt will continue to be a place of wild imaginations and flights of fancy, of poetry and beauty both dark and light. If anything I hope we can inspire you to read and write and add your own kind of beauty to this world.

How ever you celebrate Christmas, I wish you one of magic and light.

With love,



Taking time off from work…

After weeks of drama and conflicts, wich hopefully are at an end, I’ve taken time off from work and closed the boutiqe for a two week vacation. Well, I call it an vacation but I’ll use the time to sort out stuff at the store. Creating a new clothes, re-making second hand items. Lot’s of vintage, inspired by the 50’s and old fashioned rock n’ roll. Pink and polkadot galore!


Bubble bubble toil and trouble…

Running a busness takes so much time… So much papperwork that needs doing. At least I knew what I was getting in to. Still, I miss the days when I had time off to nothing all day long.

I’m trying to keep the company and life at home seperate so I wont burn myself out. It is working actually :) I’ve had a little time to start writing again. Managed to reply in the stories, didn’t? :D And I finally got the Exile story back up on the board.

And I’ve started working on a story, maybe it will grow into a novel? I write a little on it everyday on my way to and from the store. :)