Supernatural ~ The Alternate Season: Stormy: Chapter 8

This story is written by Alterra von Feures and myself as a part of our alternate re-telling of Supernatural.

Set after the end of Season 2. Dean and Sam goes after a creature that kills and feeds on young women. But, as Sam discovers, things get a bit more complicated than that when he finds himself attracted to one of the would be victims.

The sheep milled around them driven to a state of panic by that unseen force as Sam followed Dean over the fence and out into the field.

”I know you can hear me!” Dean called, turning around in a slow circle.

Suddenly a wind started howling, tugging at their clothes and hair. Tufts of grass was thrown into the air, caught by the wind and whirled around them…

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Story Updates

Greetings Dear Readers,

So much have happened that its been hardly any time to post anything new for you to read. We have recently finished a novel called Fading Dusk and started writing its sequal, Burning Midnight.

Fading Dusk is an Urban Fantasy novel taking place in New Orleans. It tells a story centred around vampires, werewolves and faeries. A young woman, Dawn, who works as a translator of ancient texts discovers that the strange and mysterious book called Vermis Mysteriis is the key to releasing the Seven Gods of Chaos. Unfortunately both vampire lord Zander Kopft and Remus, the mad leader of the local werewolf pack wants the book bad enough that they are willing to kill to get it.

Exotic dancer, Todd, emplyee of Zander, finds himself in the thick of things when he falls in love with Dawn and is forced to face not only the anger of the master vampire but his dark and violent past as Dawn is kidnapped by Remus who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the book.

An excerpt will be available to readers shortly.

Best Regards,
Sharma Wild


Spring on the Faery Court

A new theme for the new season is a must. And now that I am using Photoshop CS5 creating new graphics is easier than ever. I looove CS5 and all my fantastic brushes!

Although the Faery Court seems quiet it is all but. We are in the process of finishing two major stories and we have started up new stories, one which is a Sherlock Holmes story. As always Alterra and I write for our own pleasure but we are working on getting some of our work published.

It’s been a tough 2012 for the both of us and we’ve had very little time for writing and creativity but hopefully it will change as winter passes and spring and summer aproaches.


The Lost Journal

This is an excerpt from the journal of James Winchester. The story is centered around characters from the Winchester Novel Project.

My name is James.

Those were the first words I remember writing as a child. I guess I wrote them here because I didn’t know how else to begin.

My name is James Winchester. My mother’s name is Elissa Winchester and my father’s name is Luce. Mom died six months ago and I have never known my dad. My little brother’s name is Johnny.

I look up from these pages and look across the small bonfire to see him laying there, wrapped up in a blanket. His face is pale and haggard under that dark mop of hair of his. He’s been plagued by nightmares ever since mom died, hell we both have, and here in this Godforsaken city they have grown worse. It’s like the city itself produces the dreams and the visions that haunts us.

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Creature of Fire

A reply to a Smoke And Mirrors challenge posted on Realm of Fantasy. The character Terrel was created by Alterra.

He watched the man rest. In the flickering candle-light he was a creature of runes and enticing shadows. The chest raising slowly with every breath. At peace now, but only moments ago he had been fighting for his life, and for theirs. In sleep the Patryn looked so young, almost vulnerable. Terrel caught himself wanting to run his fingers through that dark tousled hair. He sighed, it had been so much easier when he had hated the man…

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