Story Updates

Greetings Dear Readers,

So much have happened that its been hardly any time to post anything new for you to read. We have recently finished a novel called Fading Dusk and started writing its sequal, Burning Midnight.

Fading Dusk is an Urban Fantasy novel taking place in New Orleans. It tells a story centred around vampires, werewolves and faeries. A young woman, Dawn, who works as a translator of ancient texts discovers that the strange and mysterious book called Vermis Mysteriis is the key to releasing the Seven Gods of Chaos. Unfortunately both vampire lord Zander Kopft and Remus, the mad leader of the local werewolf pack wants the book bad enough that they are willing to kill to get it.

Exotic dancer, Todd, emplyee of Zander, finds himself in the thick of things when he falls in love with Dawn and is forced to face not only the anger of the master vampire but his dark and violent past as Dawn is kidnapped by Remus who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the book.

An excerpt will be available to readers shortly.

Best Regards,
Sharma Wild


Spring on the Faery Court

A new theme for the new season is a must. And now that I am using Photoshop CS5 creating new graphics is easier than ever. I looove CS5 and all my fantastic brushes!

Although the Faery Court seems quiet it is all but. We are in the process of finishing two major stories and we have started up new stories, one which is a Sherlock Holmes story. As always Alterra and I write for our own pleasure but we are working on getting some of our work published.

It’s been a tough 2012 for the both of us and we’ve had very little time for writing and creativity but hopefully it will change as winter passes and spring and summer aproaches.


The Faery Court need YOU!

Dear Reader and Visitor,

As I hope you have discovered the Faery Court strives to be a source of inspiration for all lovers of erotic fantasy and urban fairytales. It is also the online home of writer Alterra von Feures and myself. Both Alterra and I are struggling, as so many others, to combine our day to day lives with our passion for writing. 

YOU can help out. By visiting one of our sponsors (click on the flashy ad in the menue placed on the right side of the page) you will support the Faery Court site and help us grow and evolve to become not only a source of inspiration but a resource for everyone enjoying reading and writing erotic fantasy and urban fairytales.

We are deeply grateful for all support and promises to use the funds recieved to create more and write more high quality erotica.

May the Green Fairy bless you all!

Sharma Wild



We’ve got sponsors!

Sort of anyway… I’ve joined Google AdSense in the hopes of earning a little money to pay for the upkeap and running of the Faery Court. Things are really tight at the moment.

You, our Dear Reader, can show your love and help the Faery Court grow and blossom by donating a dollar or two. Or, if you’re from Sweden or our northern neighbours donate a couple of Swedish Kronors. And of course, please take the time to visit one of our sponsors. Every little bit helps. :)

Blessings & Love
Sharma Wild



Change of Season – Change of Theme

Summer’s lease as all too short a date…

Autumn is around the corner, and as nature starts shifting colour so does our site. This year the Faery Court goes Steampunk… well, sort off.

The lovely angels in the header are by artist Alexander Jansson.