Big changes coming…

This coming spring will be a fresh start in so many ways. I will, hopefully, move away from the city to a small house with a garden on the countryside. And I will start designing clothes and jewelry again, but this time I will design for our four-legged friends. Exclusive and beautiful covers, in the same romantic and shabby chic style that has become my trademark, that keep your dog warm and dry and looking snazzy.

Nothing is really decided yet, but it is looking like I will be able to live my dream… a house with a garden in the country and my own business… This proves it that you should never ever give up on your dream!

Best wishes,





Rediscovering childhood favorites

Solomon KaneI was about ten years old when I read my first Robert E. Howard story. It was about a stern, grim and very determined man named Solomon Kane. He was awsome! Rescuing girls and fighting vampires, ghosts and evil witch-doctors. Okay, so the stories aren’t great literature but for a child facinated by vampires and such they were magical.

Robert E. Howard was the author behind Conan the Barbarian and wrote several short stories and novellas for magazines such as Weird Tales.  The Solomon Kane stories were written between 1929 to 1931 and they often took place in Africa. Now, Howard’s portrayal of the African people Kane meets is, frankly, racist. They are often described as unintelligent savage brutes. It’s horrible and I suspect Howard never sat foot in Africa himself.

But aside from Howard’s narrow-minded view of the African people the stories does have some quality to it, though it is hard to pinpoint what it is. They often lack an overall plot but Howard’s strength  is his language – the way he describes the landscape Solomon Kane traverses… It’s quite beautifully written.

Not surprising Solomon Kane has been turned into a movie, with the amazing James Purfoy as Kane. And man, he brings the character to life! The movie has the same eerie quality and beauty that the stories have and it gives a more indeepth look at Kane and his past. I adore it :) It made  me re-read the old  Solomon Kane stories and it has inspired me to try and write one myself.

If you haven’t seen the Solomon Kane movie then DO IT!!! :)


A peek of some of the clothes in the boutiqe…

I adore beautiful clothes. And none has so beautiful as a clothbrand called Noa Noa. Danish design inspired by times past… And I am proud to announce that I have managed to get a hold of quite allot of clothes from Noa Noa, and a couple of other brands  as well that also have the same style of feminine romantic clothes with elegant and pretty details.


Taking time off from work…

After weeks of drama and conflicts, wich hopefully are at an end, I’ve taken time off from work and closed the boutiqe for a two week vacation. Well, I call it an vacation but I’ll use the time to sort out stuff at the store. Creating a new clothes, re-making second hand items. Lot’s of vintage, inspired by the 50’s and old fashioned rock n’ roll. Pink and polkadot galore!


Bubble bubble toil and trouble…

Running a busness takes so much time… So much papperwork that needs doing. At least I knew what I was getting in to. Still, I miss the days when I had time off to nothing all day long.

I’m trying to keep the company and life at home seperate so I wont burn myself out. It is working actually :) I’ve had a little time to start writing again. Managed to reply in the stories, didn’t? :D And I finally got the Exile story back up on the board.

And I’ve started working on a story, maybe it will grow into a novel? I write a little on it everyday on my way to and from the store. :)


My first journal entry

The time has come to post my first journal entry. I must say it has taken some time to come this far in the process… 3 days to be exact.

If WordPress wasn’t so easy to manage and update, as well as secure and stabile I would have tossed it out like yesterday. I’m used to the freedom of e107, used to being able to change every part of the site and the theme. With WordPress I find that it is so much more difficult to edit the css-files and get everything working with the plugins and stuff. And the widgets… Don’t get me started on the widgets…

But at last, the board is up and PM’s can be sent and recieved (I hope), and avatars will be available shortly. And now I will continue to watch the TV-show “Lost in Austen.”