Dancing on the Edge

A modern vampire tale by Sharma Wild

Such a strange tale this is, the one that I will whisper to you… such a dark and decadent story. I see your eyes widen, your pupils dilate. You are intrigued, and perhaps charmed even, that I have chosen you as my listener, my audience. Well then, lets start.

A not so long ago, in a country a short flight away, I lived like many others; I had a flat, a telly, job and friends. I bought food and clothes and books. Mostly I bought books. I filled bookshelf after bookshelf. In my imagination I lived a thousand and one lives, I visited a thousand and one countries. I was a princess, a thief and a killer. I fought evil, or I worshiped it… I lived an ordinary, mundane life, so let me skip ahead in time a little.

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