New Theme

Due to me messing up the old theme’s PHP-files, I have had to update and change the theme to a new one. This, called Skirmish, is made for WordPress and hopefully it will work a little better with any new widget we might chose to install in the future.

To all of you who miss the old theme with its graphic based largely on the use of different texures, all I can say is, I miss it too. It was based on an old theme originally intended for e107 and it gave me a lot more control over the looks of the site. But I am sure that once I’ve gotten used to the snappy mordern feel of Skirmish I’ll be able to make it look a little less like any WordPress blog out there and more like the Faery Court we’re used to.

Aside from a lack of personal flavour, I have to admit I like the clean cut design and I am happy with the new graphic, inspired by old books and the fresh flowers of spring.

Best Regards,
Sharma Wild