Supernatural ~ The Alternate Season: Stormy: Chapter 12

This story is written by Alterra von Feures and myself as a part of our alternate re-telling of Supernatural.

Set after the end of Season 2. Dean and Sam goes after a creature that kills and feeds on young women. But, as Sam discovers, things get a bit more complicated than that when he finds himself attracted to one of the would be victims.

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”NO! NO! NO!” Sam screamed running after her only to find himself caught in Dean’s arms. He simply dropped, dragging Sam with him to the stone floor as the wind whipped out slapping at them as it dissipated just as quickly, leaving a swirl of dust to rise in the musty morning air.

Dean was gasping in pain as he held Sam, dragging him against his chest he felt the silent sobs racking his slender form. He stroked Sam’s dust hewn hair, let him cry without saying a word. His eyes glancing in the direction of the dead priest. there was nothing left of him. Only dust skittering across the area he had died …

”One less body to explain…” he mumbled to himself.

It was sunset as they drove the shiny pumpkin coloured Beetle back towards Bobby’s place. Dean was angsty to get back to work on his car. The cramped space of the bug reminding him just how bad he wanted her fixed.

He glanced over at Sam, worried. He hadn’t said hardly anything in the last two days after Stormy’s decision of fate. His face drawn, the bruise across the side of his cheek making him look so much older. His casted arm leaning on the Bug’s wheel, the fingers playing over the steering spokes like spider legs emerging from a web.



”It wasn’t meant to be.”

”I know.”


They pulled into the wreckage yard just after dark, Bobby anxiously awaiting them as Sam pulled the tiny car up to the shop.

Bobby eyed them from under his redneck ball cap with the logo Big Johnson across the bill. They got out ever so stiffly walking up to the scrutinizing man.

”Looks like you boys got the shit beat out of you,” he mused rubbing his stubbly chin.

”Yeah well you should see what they look like”, Dean smiled his infamous smile.

Bobby laughed, adding. ”The good Sheriff of Mansion wants you to know your welcome any day in his jurisdiction.” He slapped Dean on the back raising a moan of pain from him.

”We won’t be going back there”, Sam said, suddenly moving past the pair stiffly, going into the bright light of the house.

Bobby and Dean shared a knowing glance.

”He just needs time, Dean.”

”Time is a luxury we don’t have”, Dean mumbled despairingly.

”I got good news at least.” Bobby’s eyes sparkled raising a curious brow on the cropped haired man. ”Found the parts you need to fix the car.”

”Are you serious?!” Dean’s face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning, clapping the older mans shoulder in glee, grunting for the effort.

Sam dropped his bag and fell rather than sat the cot in the backroom of Bobby’s shop. Running his fingers through his thick curls he closed his eyes. He could see her beautiful face, her charming smile. Hear the quick wit in her lovely voice .He shook his head and ground the palm of his hand into his weepy eyes.

He pulled out the little silver cross that hung from the dainty chain.

She had talked about choices. Of… of strange things. It was as if a presence had spoken through her.

Dean and him had seen the demons, the darkness, the things people called evil. Stormy had said there was another side too. Her voice, her eyes had been filled with conviction… with faith…

Sam kissed the cross, let it slip back into the pockets of his jeans and walked out into the store, smiling as he heard his brother and Bobby chatting enthusiastically.

Perhaps the future would be what he chose it to be?

Both men went quiet as Dean smiled back. ”You OK, Sammy?”

Bobby looked at the brothers noticing the tight bond cemented on their fathers death. Their eyes seemed ancient in such young faces. Both made of their family legacy, bonded by honour that rode their pact pledged on their father’s name.

”I’m fine, Dean”, He said softly, his brown eyes hopeful and calm.

”Great!” Dean returned enthusiastically. ”Let’s get to work then.” He breezed past Sam into the shop where sounds of clattering metal met with Sam’s puzzled gaze as he looked at Bobby. ”What’s he on about?”

”The car Sam, lets get to work on the car!” Dean yelled from within the shop before Bobby could answer. Another clang of metal coming from the brightly lit shop. Soon music blasted from an old beat-up cassette player. The band Asia screeching out ”The Heat Of The Moment.” Sam could See Deans head bobbing to the beat of the music.

”Let’s go get her towed in”, Bobby smiled clapping a hand on Sam’s sore shoulder in passing.

”Ooww”, he whined.

”Pansy”, Bobby laughed as he led the way through the twisted maze of dead cars and trucks, eerie and ghostly in the semi darkened night. Sam looked around from time to time. He couldn’t shake the feeling they were being watched.

The trio stood back and looked on the twisted wreckage now more sorry looking than ever under the shops bright lights. They all sighed in sad unison.

Dean went to the cherry picker with purpose than and began pushing the lifter towards the front of the car, grunting in pain. Sam quickly joined him pushing. ”What does this do?” he asked.

Dean smiled patiently. ”It lifts the motor so we can straighten the frame, Sammy.”

They had the engine lifted before long and soon a rainbow of sparks flew out from under the chassis with Bobby on one side and Dean on the other resetting the frame torching the metal back into place.

Sam stood there fidgeting, feeling rather useless.

Deans grease smeared face appeared from under the car. ”Get me the 7/8 wrench, Sammy”, he mumbled disappearing back underneath.

Sam hurried to the chest of tools, totally confused he grabbed several wrenches hoping he had the right one rushing back to where Dean had looked at him. His brother re-appeared from under the heavy beast holding out his hand. One of the wrenches slipped banging his brother across the forehead.

”Dammit Sam! You trying to kill me?” Dean snapped at him, impatient and angry he didn’t even grab the right wrench from the handful he had.

”I’m sorry, Dean”, he mumbled his brow knotting as he leaned on the black metal of the car. ”I never did this stuff… you know.”

Dean felt instant remorse grabbing Sam’s pant-leg and pulling him down closer. ”It’s OK, Sam… I just want to get her together soon as we can.”

”So you can get past what happened?” Sam blurted, sitting now close to Deans prone form.

Dean sat up then, wiping his hands angrily. ”No Sam, it’s so my car is running again.”

”Dad’s car…” Sam whispered.

”Just what the hell are you getting at?” Dean burst out.

”It’s OK to miss him, Dean. It’s OK to be sad and let it out”, Sam’s voice was thick with emotion.

”You’re not helping here, Sam”, Dean’s voice was tightly controlled as he got up and loomed over his brother.

Sam stood slowly looking levelly at his brother. ”You can hit me if it makes you feel better.” Watching the shock grow across Deans face.

”I don’t want to hit you”, Dean said, his voice even. ”I want the car fixed. I want it to look like it did before the accident.”

Bobby had sneaked out of the garage, leaving the Winchester boys alone. This was a thing they had to slug out on their own.

”Dean”, Sam said softly. ”The accident wasn’t your fault, you know that right?”

”Yeah”, Dean replied. ”The truck came out of nowhere and hit us. If there had been anything I could have done to prevent it I would have.”

”And you know dad’s death isn’t your fault either”, Sam continued.

Dean turned his back to his brother, arms crossed in defiance in front of him.


There came no reply. Sam sighed. He had hoped that after what had happened in the church Dean would have come out of the shell he had hid himself in. He tried again, not giving up.

”Dean, Dad died of a heart-attack. You had nothing to do with it. There was nothing you could have done that could have changed it.”

At first Sam didn’t think he would get an answer but then Dean spoke, still refusing to turn around and face him.

”You don’t know what you’re talking about, Sammy”. His voice was hoarse, strangled.

”Then tell me”, Sam whispered, wishing he could close the distance between them and hold his brother, giving him the comfort he so badly needed. At first he didn’t think Dean would say anything, but then it came.

”Dad died instead of me. He made a pact with the demon, gave up his soul… It should have been me that died in that hospital and not him!” Dean’s voice was raw, filled with pain. “So don’t tell me I shouldn’t feel guilty!”

”Oh Dean…” Unable not to, Sam stepped up to him and put his hand on his brother’s shoulder.

”Don’t.” Dean’s voice was hoarse, unsteady.

But Sam wrapped his arms around him, holding him close as a cry of rage and deep, deep sadness ripped through Dean’s very soul. Sam felt the strong body shake as sobs wracked Dean. He leaned his head against his and just held him.

Sam closed his eyes tight… Their father hellbound… How could that have happened? Why was life so unfair? ”Don’t you see, Dean, dad did the only thing a father could have to see his children live. He would have it no other way.”

Dean’s sobs lessened as Sam held him. He felt helpless, bitter. Why was everything happening to them? Wasn’t there any respite for everything they already had suffered?

”I’m tired, Sam”, Dean murmured after a time still within Sam’s arms. ”It’s like I’ve lived a dozen lives and none of them have accomplished anything…not really and I’m so tired.”

He allowed Sam to turn him looking into sad grey eyes that held back fresh tears. ”But you have Dean. You’ve saved dozens of lives, innocent lives”, Sam stated factually, his jaw setting. ”If there’s a God, and how I hope there is… How can he not see what you have done for this messed up rock full of messed up people?”

”So what if we saved people? To what cost? We lost our mom and we lost dad. It’s not worth it, Sam. And there is no God keeping his all-seeing eye on us. We’re screwed, Sam!”

Sam shook his head softly letting his brother go. ”I need to… No have to believe there is redemption for us. For dad.” Looking up in the hypothetical sense that there could be a heaven, Stormy’s faithful eyes flashing in his mind.

Dean shook his head once, violently, renewed anger filling his green eyes smeared in tears. “It doesn’t work like that, Sam. He… he told me things… ” His words were forced as he could not say more.

Sam stepped into him again. ”Why don’t you tell me everything, Dean?” he felt wild exasperation for his brothers overprotective nature. ”God, why can’t you just tell me!?” His voice rose with fear and anguish as Dean clenched his jaw slamming his fist into the car door.

Sam took an uncertain step back, confused. ”Just tell me, Dean cause I cant take it anymore, no more secrets from me about you and Dad. I’m not a baby anymore and I’m not going to stand by and watch you go into meltdown.”

Dean straightened up, squaring his shoulders. ”Fine, little brother. You want the truth? Try this one on for size…”

Sam was staring at him as one would a stranger, unsure now he wanted to know all of it but he nodded affirming he could handle it.

It was as if every word Dean had to speak hurt, as if it were a dagger stabbed into his heart. ”Dad told me… that there might come a time when I will have to… to kill you.”

Sam’s eyes went wide. ”Because of the yellow eyed demon?” He asked, his voice calm.

”Yeah…” Dean looked up at his brother, his eyes filled with tears. ”I have tried to convince myself that he must have been crazy… or something. But then you told me about the dreams.”

Sam nodded slowly.

”So?” Dean demanded finally after the silence had stretched between them. ”Aren’t you going to say anything?”

”What is there to say, Dean?” Sam asked softly. ”We don’t know what the future holds… Maybe there will come a time when you have to do it, maybe not. There is nothing we can do about that now. It’s like it’s a puzzle and we don’t have all the pieces yet.”

”How can you take this so calmly?” Dean asked, running fingers through his short cropped hair.

Sam smiled. He lifted his good hand and pressed it against Dean’s chest over his heart. ”Have faith, bro.”

Dean blinked, surprising Sam by laying his own hand over his giving it a firm press. “I don’t know what I would ever do without you, Sammy”, he near whispered, giving his brother a gentle slap to the uninjured cheek.

Sam laughed, his eyes going bright. ”You would end up whoring and drinking way to much more than you already do!”

Sam ducked as Dean made to slap him for real. ”You are a pain in the ass, Sam, you know that.” He laughed, the smile on his face bringing a special joy to Sam’s heart.

”Now let’s get back to the car!” Dean rubbed his hands briskly, getting his bearings of where he left off.

Sam was grinning as he picked up tools. ”Can I still help?”

”Sure, so long as you don’t off and coldcock me in the head again”, Dean threw at him.

Bobby wandered back in holding coffee mugs. ”Thought you boys could use a little boost”, he offered as he eyed the pair. All seemed well with the Winchester boys once again.

They each took a steaming cup and toasted to the job at hand.

”Here’s to getting the Metallicar back on her wheels”, Dean said, taking a gulp of the coffee.

They worked through the night until both were too tired and sore to do anymore.

”Lets get some shut eye”, Bobby croaked from where had finally sat a chair by the old furnace to warm his bones. ”You can finish the motor work and paint her tomorrow, boys.” He finally called on them, noting how pained and tired they were.

There was no argument on the subject as they plodded out the door, Dean giving the car one last glance before hitting the lights.

”Tomorrow we dance”, He mumbled happily.


The end.