Supernatural ~ The Alternate Season: Stormy: Chapter 11

This story is written by Alterra von Feures and myself as a part of our alternate re-telling of Supernatural.

Set after the end of Season 2. Dean and Sam goes after a creature that kills and feeds on young women. But, as Sam discovers, things get a bit more complicated than that when he finds himself attracted to one of the would be victims.

Dean and Stormy had made their way up from the crypt and were headed for the door. They had to set a slow pace, much slower than Dean liked, but Stormy was weak from having lost so much blood, and she had probably gotten an infection as well. Her skin felt hot enough to fry an egg on. She was unable to keep herself on feet without help and so the two hobbled along, clinging to each other like drunk, or lovers.

The door was so close, so very close when suddenly someone stepped out from behind one of the pillars and blocked their exit.

It was Father Thomas.


Dean raised the shotgun. ”Move!” He ordered.

The priest smiled. ”I was hoping it would be Sam who came. But with you here he can’t be far behind. Put down the rifle, Dean.”

”You’re kidding, right?” Dean snickered. ”Now step aside or I’ll shoot.”

”Uncle, please…” Stormy said, tears running down her cheek. ”Why are you doing this?”

”It is for your own good, my child”, Father Thomas said. ”The great war is coming and you have your part to play.”

”What part?” Dean asked.

The priest’s eyes were filled with madness as he proudly announced. ”My Lord and Master will take you as his bride. I know you are not a virgin anymore, but in away that is even more fitting. You are the gate through which the One will come. You will be his or hers blood-mother, life giver. Through your blood will the One be given eternal life!”

”You’re insane”, Dean hissed.

Father Thomas smiled. ”Perhaps it is who you are insane, hunter. Now let go of the shotgun.”

Dean smirked, always willing to push his luck. ”Now I would be insane to just hand over my gun.” He slid the sawed off stock lower in his hand ready to pull the trigger.

Father Thomas merely smiled his eyes going embolic. ”You cannot stop us Dean …you …or your father. Thinking you can defend her from her fate…” The possessed priest murmured, then took a step towards them”… Just as he couldn’t save Sam, just as you will fail”

”Think again asshole”, Dean sneered pulling the trigger, the guns kick smacking him square in the ribs. He doubled in pain as he attempted to recock the repeating rifle.

The priest’s body was flung backward with enough force to throw him against a cracked buttress.

Sam heard the shot from down the road, putting his feet to work running even faster he pulled the colt on the go knowing they had but one bullet. But if Dean was still alive and he could stop the demon..And what of Stormy? Would she be there, alive too?

He hit the Church doors hard, flinging them wid. The resounding echo of them thudding the walls was heard by Dean.

”Dean! Stormy!” Sam screamed as he ran through the church.

Dean could hear him but couldn’t answer, the wind jarred from his chest, ribs staving again threatening to puncture more tender vitals.

Stormy called out her shrill voice shaky with pain and fear as she struggled to slip by her uncle…or the meat-sack he now was for the demon.

‘Oh no my dear” He hissed cutting her off grabbing her wrists tightly jerking her away from the door she would escape through.

She tried to scream, but like Dean her injury laid a sharp line of pain across her stomach, making it near impossible to call out to Sam.

She could only whimper as her eyes too in the open wound made by the shot gun. The priest’s chest a gaping hole in the middle. Dean forced himself onto loose working feet aiming the gun again, but like before the Demon pulled the girl in front.

”You already ruined a perfectly good body boy, don’t add another with our girl here!”

Dean caught sight of Sam moving in behind. The demon froze; turning slowly it stared at Sam. ”There you are”, it said as if long waiting for him. Tightening its arm a cross Stormy she cried out weakly, her injury seeping once more from the pressure.

”Let her go and take me”, Sam said calmly, the colt behind his back held by his one good hand.

”No Sam!” Dean ordered, anger giving him new strength as he straitened taking a step of his own.

”Well, well, well…” The demon leered. ”If it had been anybody but this girl I would take you up on your offer, Sammy.”

”It’s Sam”, Sam said, his voice holding a tone of steel. He moved in a half circle, putting himself between the demon and his brother.

”Aw…” The yellow eyes blinked, batting eyelashes at them. ”How sweet. But if you should sacrifice yourself for someone it should be someone more important than your brother. He has no part to play in this. He is merely a nuisance.” The priest waved his hand.

A wind suddenly gushed, ruffling Sam’s hair. It hit Dean full force, sweeping him of his feet. A strangled cry passed over his lips as he hit the stone floor hard and lost his grip on the shotgun. The weapon slid out of reach.

”Dean!” Sam nearly turned away from the demon to make sure that his brother was okay, the training their father had put them through was the only thing that made him stand his ground. ”Talk to me, Dean!”

He heard Dean struggle to breath and then his voice, hoarse and strangled. ”Still alive, bro…”

”Do you want me to do it again?” The demon asked with a sickening smile. ”I could kill him right here in front of you. Or are you going to give yourself to me?”

Stormy had slumped in the demon’s arms. She seemed to be barely aware of what was going on and then she suddenly started to talk. Her voice made a chill run down Sam’s spine because it seemed to come from somewhere far away.

”You forget, demon”, she said, her voice strangely multifaceted. ”There are more than one side in this. The hunter has his part to play, just as we all do… every soul that roams this world. It is not your wickedness that will be your downfall but your arrogance…”

The demon growled, contorting Father Thomas’ face in an impossible way. ”We have wasted enough time”, he hissed. ”Step back. Our Lord and Master wants the girl delivered today.”

”No!” Sam pulled the colt, aiming it at the demon. ”Let go of her or I will kill you.”

The demon just smiled again. ”You only have one bullet, Sam Winchester, and I don’t think you will waste it on me.”

”Try me.” Sam’s eyes were dark, dark like a churning sea, like storm clouds, like iron.

”I am not the one that killed your mother.” The demon tilted his head in a masquerade of compassion. ”Yes, poor, poor motherless boy…” it whispered. ”What if I said I could give her back to you? All you have to do is put down the gun and come with me…”

Sam’s mouth slowly fell open his hand lowering with the colt hanging loosely.

”Sammy… Sammy no!” Dean called out, moving in slow pain… so slow, to intercept his brother. ”He’s lying, Sam you know he is!”

”Your mother… What about your father, Sam?” The Demon cooed shifting the panic stricken girl from arm to the other as Sam took another tentative step closer. “I can bring him back too.”

Sam was almost smiling as he moved closer yet almost within touching distance.

”No! Sam, he lies and you know it!” Dean’s voice sounded smothered in pain and agony as Sam reached the fingers of his broken hand out, the gun lax at his side.

”Sam look at me”, Stormy whispered past the terror. ”No one can bring them back no more than they could for me…” Her voice lined out into rasping silence as the Demon squeezed her a little harder. Its black eyes shining as Sam’s fingers reached for its.

”Sam!” Dean exploded. ”Listen to me! Don’t touch that thing, don’t!” He was on his feet moving in a staggering line for the Demon.

”You will be the chosen one, Sam Winchester and she will be the bearer…” The Demon’s voice was rich and melodic as Sam’s fingers hovered over its.

Sam looked it in the eyes and smiled. The Demon smiled back as the dead priest’s fingers gripped onto his in cold clammy strength, pulling him in.

”Sam!” Dean screamed, his voice strangled.

Sam raised the gun and fired into the side of the demons head.

The surprised look he was given held morbid satisfaction as light flashed across the priests face , sagging lines of it shooting across the body as it let go his hand , let Stormy dropped to her knees as it feel slowly backwards.

Sam fell to his knees catching Stormy as Dean dropped right into the pair staring with disbelief at Sam’s face.”You really had me going there for a second.” He grinned sardonicaly. ”You used our last bullet too dumass.”

Sam grinned back. ”Well find another way then.” He fought tears as he gripped both of them pulling the wounded trio together.

”Come on, let’s go”, Sam managed, putting an arm around each of the other two, giving them the support they needed to walk.

They were only a few steps away from the door when a hot wind, filled with the smell of brimstone slammed it shut in front of them.

”Now what?” Dean groaned, blood trickling from his mouth as they turned around to face this… what ever it was.

The church suddenly went dark. Strange shadows crawled over the walls, the arched windows. The domed ceiling disappeared in to darkness. As they watched the altar changed, it turned into a gateway. Beyond it there was only churning fire. A symphony of screams, of insane laughter was heart coming from the horrible gate.

Through the flames a tall, black shadow moved closer and closer.

”Time’s up, Sam”, a voice said.

”Who are you?” Sam demanded, lifting the colt again despite that it was now unloaded.

”Come with me and you will find out.”

It was impossible not to obey that voice. It was as if it cut right through his defences and was heard in the core of his very soul. He took a step towards the man… demon…

”Sammy, no!”

He felt Dean tug at his arm but it was easy to shake himself free so that he could step a little closer. Then an icy pain hit him through the thigh, like someone had taken a frozen knife and stabbed him. His legs buckled and he fell to his knees, frantically grabbing for whatever it was that caused the pain. His fingers found a silver chain in the pockets of his jeans and pulled it out. It was Stormy’s cross. It burned with a fierce blue light that seemed to dispel some of the shadows.

”Throw it away, Sam and come to me”, the voice ordered.

Sam was about to obey, unable to stop himself when someone stepped between him and the fiery portal.

”This isn’t right”, Stormy’s voice rang out clear as a bell.

”Ah, my bride…” Even without seeing the demon’s face Sam knew it was smiling.

”There is something called freedom of choice, you know!” She continued. ”It is all part of the deal!”

”Indeed”, the demon smirked. ”You actually believe in that?”

”I do”, she said, her coppery hair whipped around her face by the hot gushes of wind. ”God gave us our own will so that we could chose freely-”

”And Sam chooses me!” The demon cut her off.

Behind him Sam could her Dean moan in protest and agony. ”Don’t listen to it, Sammy…”

Stormy glanced over her shoulder, meeting Sam’s eyes. She smiled. ”He hasn’t made his choice yet, and you know it.”

”Alright”, the demon said. ”I will give him a choice. Sam, come with me or your brother will die.”

”No! You can’t kill him!” Sam managed to climb to his feet and took a step towards the demon.

”Please, Sam…” Dean whispered. ”No…”

Stormy stood her ground. ”That is not a fair choice and you know it.”

”And how would you know a thing like that, little girl?” The demon smirked.

Stormy just smiled.

”Fine”, the demon snapped. ”What do you purpose?”

”I will give myself to you if you let Sam and Dean go”, Stormy said, her back straight, her head held high, the wound forgotten for the moment as something… bright filled her, giving her the strength to do what she knew she must.

”It is what I have sought first and foremost”, the Demon replied.

”No Stormy!” Sam reached for her. ”It wont stop at that, they never do, its lying, they always lie!”

She turned her head her pale delicate face filled with sadness… and resolve. ”You promise to leave Sam and Dean Winchester alone?” She murmured her eyes filled with love for the gangly Winchester boy and his devoted brother.

”In this time I promise”, it said lovingly the power of darkness increasing until it edged the pair in black violet light.

”You stay with me, Stormy! Stay with me!” Sam reached for her hand and as she held hers out she spoke.

”I love you, Sammy.” Then she turned towards the Demon and used the last of her strength to bolt forward into its waiting shadow that engulfed her.