Supernatural ~ The Alternate Season: Stormy: Chapter 9

This story is written by Alterra von Feures and myself as a part of our alternate re-telling of Supernatural.

Set after the end of Season 2. Dean and Sam goes after a creature that kills and feeds on young women. But, as Sam discovers, things get a bit more complicated than that when he finds himself attracted to one of the would be victims.


They spent the rest of the day planning and preparing. Stormy called from Sam’s cell to tell her uncle that she wasn’t coming home until well past midnight. That she was going to the cinema with Sam.

”The Father didn’t object?” Dean asked after she had given the cell back to Sam. ”Or perhaps taking a girl to the movies doesn’t mean making out with her in the back row anymore?”

Stormy giggled. ”The only movie showing tonight is a sing along version of Sound of Music.”

Dean chuckled. ”I get the point.”

When they pulled out their bag of goodies Stormy’s eyes grew wide. ”Who are you guys really?” She asked as Sam and Dean checked over the guns, making sure they were in perfect condition.

”Here”, Sam said, handing her a silver dagger. ”If things go wrong… if the Fideal gets past us, use this on it. You probably won’t kill it but you’ll be able to wound it enough so that you can escape.”

She nodded, a little pale now as the sun was setting and the shadows grew deeper, darker. Outside the window a fog were slowly creeping through the streets of Mansion…

The boys grabbed their jackets and picked up their bags. Stormy followed more slowly. ”I’m glad I put on a pare of jeans and sneakers this morning”, she commented as they walked out of the motel room. ”I would hate to have to do this in a flimsy dress and high-heels. That would just be too cliché.”

Dean chuckled at this and even Sammy managed a smile.

”Were are we going to do this?” He asked as they walked down the street, the Winchester boys flanking Stormy.

”The park by the canal”, Dean said after a moments thought. ”We’ll be able to hide in the bushes and the street lights will make sure the Fideal wont be able to get close without us seeing it.

”We couldn’t see it last night”, Sam said.

”But we did sense it”, Stormy said. ”And if it wants to kill, to…” she hesitated a little”… eat. It has to have a physical form, right?”

”I’m impressed”, Dean said. ”You learn quickly.”

As they came closer to the canal the fog grew thicker. Dean and Sam scanned the area, looking for anything out of the ordinary. But everything was quiet, nothing moved. It was as if they were the last three people left in Mansion.

The canal came into view, and there on the other side of it the park waited. They crossed the bridge in silence. All three thinking of poor little Deanna.

Dean felt a stab of guilt through his chest. He had walked right over the place where she had died. He should have sensed it, sensed something… He should have been able to stop it.

They reached the park.

Sam helped Stormy with the throat-mic and the earpiece. ”I feel like I’m in the Secret Service”, she said, but her smile was pale and there was a hunted look in her eyes. She was frightened.

He wanted to tell her that she didn’t have to go through with it, but he realised that Dean was right, this was the only way they would be able to stop the Fideal.

”Are you ready?” Dean asked, putting a comforting hand on the girl’s shoulder.

Stormy nodded.

”You have to take of the cross”, Dean said, his voice calm and soft, not wanting to make the girl even more frightened than she already was.

”O-okay…” Her fingers shook so badly that she couldn’t get the little claps up. Then Sam was there with his sure, strong hands.

”I’ll keep it safe”, he promised.

”Now what?” Stormy asked.

Suddenly a woman spoke behind them: ”Well, well, well… what have we here?”

They all spun around to see Marissa standing under a street lamp.

She came sauntering towards them, hips swaying in erotic figure eights.

”Hello boys”, she said, her voice honeyed, but it was on Stormy her eyes was riveted. ”Such power…” She breathed when she came close. ”I can feel it… waiting to be awoken…” She leaned in, almost close enough to kiss the girl’s parted lips.

”Who are you?” Stormy asked, then realisation dawned on her. ”What are you?”

Suddenly Sam was there, the Walter in his hand. ”Back off.”

”Silly boy”, Marissa tisked. ”It is not me you should fear but the pretty girl you so valiantly is protecting… No wonder my sister wants her… And she has tried to take you, hasn’t she?” She asked Stormy, ignoring Sam and the gun.

The girl nodded.


The woman turned towards Dean. ”Yes?” She asked.

”When your sister attacked Stormy she said that you and her were tied together by the same bond. Do you have any idea of what she was talking about?”

”I do”, she said. ”And that is why I have come. Once my sister is dead you will have to kill me as well, otherwise I cannot leave this body and release the spirit whom should inhabit it.”

”Kill you?” Only Sam was able to hear the hesitation in his brother’s voice. But perhaps something of it was visible in his eyes too for Marissa tilted her head.

”Will that be a problem for you?”

”No.” Dean said, struggling not to convey his emotions. ”I don’t have a problem with it if you don’t.”

Marissa smiled.

As they retreated into the deep shadows and the bushes, leaving Stormy sitting on a bench that stood under a street lamp, Dean felt a hand on his thigh. He pushed it away.

”Aw, come on…” Marissa whispered in his ear. ”We would be so good together. I know you desire me still.”

”Drop it”, Dean said, his eyes cold as he turned his head to meet her mirthful ones. ”I don’t fuck monsters.”

She pouted.

Stormy sat on the bench feeling very naked without her cross. The smell coming from the canal was strong, nauseating. She jumped a little when Sam’s voice suddenly was heard.

”Can you see or sense anything?”

”Nothing”, she whispered. ”Just the stench of canal-water.”

”That is not the canal”, Dean whispered into the throat-mic. ”That’s her, she is close.”

Stormy looked around nervously. ”I don’t see anything.”

Behind her a pale hand, every finger ending in a long curved talon became visible as it grabbed hold of the wall. Carefully keeping to the shadows so not to be seen the Fideal crept closer and closer to the girl. In her twisted mind the child shone with a bright light.

If she were to possess that body she would be restored to her former glory and power! No longer would she have to hide in the shadows, sustaining herself with dead flesh.

She could sense others nearby… but the girl… Oh the girl was irresistible…

Shifting from physical form to ethereal the Fideal slowly moved in on its victim.

Stormy had only a second’s warning. ”Sam!” She said, her voice shaking. ”I can feel it-”

Then the fog whirled up to envelope her.

”No!” Sam shouted, running towards the bench were Stormy’s body shook in convulsions.

This time there were no silver around her neck to protect her.


”Stay back, Sam!” Dean called but Sam where already kneeling beside the girl’s body. ”Dammit!”

She was still twisting and shaking as if a struggle took place within her.

”Stormy”, Sam said, holding her.

”Sam…” The girl managed, her voice strangled. ”Sam, I can feel her inside of me. Please you have to…” She screamed, her back arching. Then her eyes flew open. ”Kill me, Sam, do it now when she is trapped inside of me. She will die too. I know it…”

Sam shook his head, unaware of the tears that ran down his face. ”I can’t…”

”Please”, Stormy gasped. ”If you don’t she’ll push me out of my body and I will be trapped here forever. I’ll change, I’ll turn into an evil spirit… I will become one of the things you hunt… Sam please…”

”No”, Sam sobbed.

Suddenly the girl was ripped out of his arms by an unseen force. She was lifted into the air and hung there, arms stretched out, face contorted by pain.

Dean had reached them, his gun lifted and ready to fire.

”No!” Shouted Sam, grabbing his arm as he aimed straight at the girl. ”What are you doing, Dean?!”

”This is the only way, Sam.” Dean’s voice was steady, his eyes filled with something dark. But before he could fire Stormy was thrown to the ground.

She screamed again, face contorting as the two spirits struggled for control. Suddenly the silver dagger was in her hand. She looked up, and it was Stormy. Her sweet eyes filled with tears.

”I have to do this, Sam.”

It was as if time slowed down and sped up at the same time. Sam saw her raise the dagger, saw it gleam. It seemed to take forever for it to ascend but still he wasn’t able to move fast enough. Stormy plunged the dagger into her abdomen.

The Fideal screeched. Fog whirled around them and then the spectre appeared; a horrible visage of evil and hunger. It hissed as both Sam and Dean aimed at it, pulling their triggers simultaneously. The silver bullets smacked into the creature and forced it back.

It hissed again, showing off a frightening amount of sharp teeth. Dean pulled out the little knife Marissa had given him. He held it by the blade between the thumb and the index-finger, raised the hand in a smooth motion and released the knife, sending it twirling through the air. It hit the Fideal in the throat. The creature screamed, an all too human sound, then it exploded.

Sam immediately dropped the gun and closed the distance between himself and Stormy in a few strides. He pulled the girl’s body into his arms. Her hand was till wrapped around the hilt of the dagger, her white t-shirt slowly changing colour to red.

Dean stood here frozen for a second, but Marissa stepped in front of him.

”Quickly now”, she said. ”You have to do it now before she awakes again.”

Dean took a shaky breath but when he raised the gun his hand was steady. He pressed it against Marissa’s forehead.

”Thank you”, she said and closed her eyes. He pulled the trigger, blinking when her blood splattered across his face. The woman’s body fell to the grown by his feet, a small trickle of blood coming from the hole in her forehead. She had died instantly. Then the body started to dissolve and finally it disappeared.

Dean swallowed again as bile rose in his throat. He hurried over to where Sam where sitting with Stormy. ”Is she…” He trailed off unable to finish the sentence.

”No”, Sam said, looking up at him. ”She is a live but she needs a doctor fast.”


”That little doctor ,that was checking the death scene ”Dean said yanking the cell phone out of his pocket .Sam looked at his pale features the blood spattered across his face.

”Jesus Dean…” He started to say when a pained moan escaped Stormy’s lips.

”Dean…Dean!” Sam’s voice growing panicky as blood oozed persistently from Stormy’s wound . ”Dean!” He yelled turning his head as he held Stormy’s head across his lap, his jacket pressed to her wound becoming warm and sticky.

Dean was froze in place, phone in hand, eyeing the Priest walking calmly up the park path.

‘What’s going on, Dean?” Sam asked in a small panicky voice.

”How did he find us?” Dean asked more of himself than Sam.

”We can’t just sit here!” Sam’s voice rose on renewed panic as Stormy moaned again, her eyes fluttering in pain.

Father Thomas stepped with careful precision towards them, stopping a few feet from Deans raised gun. The very air sinister around his black cloaked form.

”Son, that is my niece dying on the ground. Come, let me help get her to a doctor.” He said in a soothing voice.

Sam let go a hard breath then. ”This her uncle… Dean? Are you listening to me? She told me about him at the church!”

”No Sammy, something’s not right with this. How did you know we were here?” Dean emphasized the question with a wag of his gun.

”The shots could be heard for some distance,” Father Thomas said as smoothly. ”We must hurry or she dies here and now.”

”Dean!” Sam yelled as Stormy’s face tinged in blue line.

”Alright! Alright!” He yelled back lowering the gun. “Help us then… Father.” he hissed pulling his cell phone out to call the Sheriff for help.

Father Thomas knelt next to Sam looking oddly at him and not the girl first. ”Your the one that wrecked havoc with my plans, I could smell you on her body last night…” His eyes started changing. ”I would kill you now but he has other plans ..for both of you”

Sam swung out at the Demon trying to strike him off balance, his fist catching the possessed mans jaw.

The return blow set Sam on his back with a gasp of pain and red stars flashing through his skull. Yet he reached out to grab The Demons arm as he wrenched Stormy from his grasp. Sam screamed as fingers grabbed his wrist in an iron band and twisted until soft bone could be heard cracking .Laying Sam writing on his back.

Father Thomas already had the girl in his arms standing to face Dean.

He stood in a stance gun raised. ”Put her down you piece of shit. Do it now.”
The possessed man leered at him with black embolic eyes. His voice changing in to a strange grinding drawl. ”Her destiny, like your brothers is not for you to decide, hunter.”

”Try me”, Dean said, jaw clenched. ”Last warning demon”, his tone flat. Yet he couldn’t shoot and take out the girl in the process.

The demon laughed a low droning sound. ”Your father knows what his fate is. And so do you, hunter.” He smiled evilly as Dean’s eyes grew wide. ”Yes you do know what I mean don’t you boy…”

”Like my dad always said, never believe a lying demon”, Dean stated. He began chanting the Latin words of exorcism but only two escaped his lips as the demon raised one hand.

Dean found himself smashed to the ground, breathless and gasping for air.

”His fate like the girls is out of your hands, Dean…” The voice hedged as the demon possessed Priest walked away with the girl in his arms.

Dean kept struggling to breath, but every breath became harder and harder as broken ribs pierced a lung deflating it with every attempt to draw air.

”Dean!” Oh God no Dean!” Sam screamed crawling to his side, touching his face with one good hand as pain ripped across the other. ”Dean don’t die on me, don’t you die!” He found the cell phone, forcing the shaking fingers of his one good hand to press the Sheriff’s number.

”Hurry, hurry!” Were the last words Dean heard from his frantic brother as blackness welled over his conscious self.

Continued in part 10.