Supernatural ~ The Alternate Season: Stormy: Chapter 6

This story is written by Alterra von Feures and myself as a part of our alternate re-telling of Supernatural.

Set after the end of Season 2. Dean and Sam goes after a creature that kills and feeds on young women. But, as Sam discovers, things get a bit more complicated than that when he finds himself attracted to one of the would be victims.

Dean stood in the shower, eyes closed, smiling. Even through the sound of the water running he could hear the gasps and the moans and the giggles. It were good sounds. After everything Sam had been through… it was the best sounds he had heard in a long time.

“Lucky bastard”, Dean mumbled still smiling.

But as the minutes dragged on he grew impatient. Did Sam really think he was going to spend the entire night in the ugly bathroom while he enjoyed himself in bed?

Enough was enough, Dean decided. Besides he was starting to get wrinkle-toes and wrinkle-fingers. He turned the shower off, making as much noise as he could stepping out of it and wrapping a towel around the waist. He cleared his throat loudly, counted to three, hoping the kids would at least have the sense to crawl under the covers, or something.

Then he opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom.

“Stormy…” Sam breathed heatedly against her throat. Gasping when she went all bold clenching the hardness bulging at his crotch, pleased at the harsh moan catching in Sam’s throat. “Maybe we better slow down”, He gasped. Already both her breasts were revealed in all their pink tipped glory. Half dressed they swarmed over the bed. Nibbling tickling growing more brazen as fingers became bolder across warming flesh.

“Oh Sam… It never felt this right when boys tried to touch me before… I just couldn’t let them… but you…” Stormy whispered, her eyes as wild as her name. Sam was over her, gazing down at her flashing storm eyes, her lips pinked and swollen from their bruising kisses. “It just feels right…” She whispered huskily slipping the velvet dress over her head to toss to the floor.

“Oh god, Stormy”, he whispered as she pushed her fingers into the wealth of his falling curls dragging his face, his body onto hers. Her fingers undid his pants, her toes tugging down the pant legs freeing him into those curious trembling fingers.

Her eyes going wide she gasped as her fingers felt the hard long length of him.

“We can stop”, Sam managed to whisper, his control on the edge.

“” She moaned as her fingers explored him. “I’m tired of waiting… tired of not knowing… and it’s with you Sam…” She held him all too close to her inner thigh and he felt the heat there so close… so tantalising close…

“Stormy”, he whispered again, taking her mouth as her thighs opened allowing him entrance. He took her suddenly, one hard smooth stroke and she screamed in pain filled pleasure just as Dean came into the room.

“Ahhh shit! Sorry!” Dean yelped. His fingers clenching the damp towel clinging to his lean strong hips.

Sam’s breath exploded from his throat in a sort of strangled cry as he saw his brother standing by the door, a smirk on his lips. Stormy had scrambled for cover under the blanket, one arm sneaking out to snatch the dress that lay on the floor.

“Sorry”, Dean said unable to contain his glee.

“No you’re not”, Sam managed. He felt Stormy wriggling as she pulled on her dress. It was torture.

“Did I… interrupt something?” And yes, there it was that sardonic lift of eyebrow, that mischievous sparkle in the green eyes that told Sam that Dean knew exactly what he had interrupted.

He just sighed and pushed himself up in a more comfortable position.

Stormy stuck the tip of her nose over the covers, eyeing Dean with big blue eyes, still sparkling with the aftermaths of the desire that had driven her into Sam’s arms.

“Hey there”, Dean said, smiling at the red roses that adorned her cheeks. “Eh… I was just going to, you know, get dressed and then get some food. Is there a burger joint or something that’s still opened?” He asked the girl.

“There’s a Micky D’s a couple of blocks from here”, Stormy said, her voice dampened by the fact that half her face was still hidden beneath the covers.

“Gotcha'”, Dean blinked at her. He managed to pull on a pare of jeans without loosing the towel, that he trew over a chair. Pulled on a t-shirt grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. “Can I get you crazy kids anything?”

They both shook their heads.

“See you in a couple of minutes then”, he said putting a hand on the doorknob.

“Be careful”, Sam said before he disappeared through the door.

Dean turned and gave him a smile. “I always am, little brother.”

He closed the door behind him, locked it and then stood there for a moment listening to the explosion of giggling coming from the other side.

As he moved across the parking lot, not even glancing at the ugly little car. The alcohol level in his blood was still way to high. Instead he continued down the street in the direction Stormy had nodded.

The fog was still thick as wool, giving an eerie dirtiness to the light coming from the street lamps. Once again he got that feeling, that spidery tingle down his spine, as if the entire town were haunted. And perhaps that wasn’t far from the truth, he thought, remembering the Fideal. Remembering Marissa.

Her body had disappeared. Why?

Dean shoved his hands deep into his pockets and continued towards the golden arches that burned like a Lighting house in the distance.

Bobby had said it was a poltergeist, and here he had met a Fideal. It didn’t make sense. Unless the poltergeist activity had nothing at all to do with the killings or the sea creature.

Even though he was deep in thought, Dean’s attention to his surroundings did not waver. He was like a soldier, always moving through enemy-territory.

He didn’t think the Fideal would come after him, it was targeting women after all. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t other baddies around.

As he turned around a corner he got a waft of that almost sickening oceanic smell again, and found that he had made his way to the canal.

Arched bridges connected the streets the canal cut through. On the low brick wall that was suppose to protect people from falling into the dark water something was scribbled in red. There was just enough light coming from a street lamp for him to read the graffiti as he walked past it:


Dean chuckled. Someone in this town sure had a morbid sense of humour. He could recall the killer clown known as Pennywise in the Stephen King novel ‘It’. And there was a couple of similarities between the fiction and the murders here in Mansion, like the fact that the bodies had had bite wounds…

“I told you my brother was a jerk”, Sam managed once he had recovered from the attack of the giggles. He was still aching with unspent need, a throbbing ache that made the jeans he had pulled back up feel uncomfortably tight.

They sat there quiet, looking deep into each others eyes for a moment, then Sam said softly: “The moment has passed, hasn’t it?”

Stormy looked down and nodded. “I’m sorry.”

But Sam put a finger under her chin, tilting her head up so that their eyes met again. “You have nothing to apologise for. Did I… did I hurt you when…” His voice trailed off.

Stormy blushed. “A little”, she admitted. “But it felt wonderful at the same time.” She grinned. “You’re right, your brother is a jerk.”

Sam grinned back at her, then leaned in and gave her a deep kiss, full of promise. “Maybe there will come another moment for us.”

“I hope so”, the girl said a little breathlessly.

Sam rose and pulled on his shirt. “Come on”, he said, offering her his hand and pulling her up onto her feet. “I better take you home.”

“Can’t I stay?” Stormy asked, snuggling close to him as he helped her with her green coat.

“I’d love to have you there in my bed all night”, Sam said. “But my jerk of a brother will be back in a couple of minutes.”

Stormy smiled at this. “Yeah…” She took his hand, entwining their fingers in that natural way of hers as they stepped out, locking the door behind them.

As they walked towards the car Stormy asked: “How long will you stay here in Mansion.”

“I dont know”, Sam said. “It depends on the…” He silenced.

“On the what?” Stormy asked. “Or is that part of the things you don’t want to talk about?”

“In away”, Sam replied, feeling a little uncomfortable, not wanting to have to lie to this girl and at the same time wanting to protect her from the truth of the life he was leading. He finally settled for some sort of middle-ground between the two. “Dean and I are looking for someone.”

They had reached the car and Sam opened the door to the passenger’s side. Stormy took her seat. “I see”, she said, looking up at him.

Sam moved around to the other side of the car and slipped in behind the wheel. “Where to”, he asked.

“Just follow Castle Rock Lane until you come to the church.” She smiled at him. “You can’t miss it.”

Deans senses came alive as he felt eyes on him, whirling he pulled his 7m from the back of his waistband, moving slowly in a tight circle.

“Come out, come out, where-ever you are”, he chided softly, his eyes darting across shadow and shrubbery. His gun eye level.

“You don’t need the gun… Dean”, came an all too familiar voice. He turned back to the bridge watching as Marissa moved in silent grace from under its eaves.

She was perfect again, no blood, no wounds, a different dress how-ever of Crimson silk moving with every curve of her body.

“No”, Dean said setting his jaw, gun amied at her head. “You died. Christ! You died on top of me.”

“I cannot die”, She whispered in a musical voice taking another step closer.

“Stop”, Dean said, his gun cocking meant business. “Or I’ll shoot and I’ll make damn sure that you stay dead, you undead bitch. What the hell are you anyway? Some sort of goul or something?” His eyes widened. “The Fideal!”

“Perhaps”, she said her fingers grazing over the rocky bridge edge. “Perhaps I am cursed to live and die over and over and over…”

“Just what the hell does that mean?” he demanded keeping a safe distance between them.

She gazed at the lettering on the bridge. “They are not entirely wrong in this”, her Gold -Green eyes shining as she looked back at him. “But it is not me you need fear.”

“I’m not afraid of you”, Dean said with a quirk of his head, loosening his ever tightening shoulders.

“Good then…” She drawled softly. “If you kill the Fideal you will set me free. It is because of me she now kills the females because I will not die as I should have.”

“Stop talking like someone out of a damn theatre play!” Dean felt like his head was going to implode trying to understand her.

“She… the Fideal… is my sister. We were born of the sea as twins.”

“Sorry, honey I don’t see the likeness”, he drawled, gun still high.

“Of course not …this body is not my own as hers is”

Dean’s eyes widened. “I kissed you!” He scathed as if a sudden bad taste were in his mouth.

She laughed softly. “I can keep this body living as long as I inhabit it, no matter how often she tries to kill me Dean.” Her face was suddenly sad, weary, tired.

“No offence but why would you want to give that up after all if you look like…”

“Listen to me Dean!” she barked cutting him off. “It doesn’t belong to me, don’t you see?”

Dean’s eyes widened as he began to understand. “The Poltergeist.”

“Yes Dean, she roams the fields of her fathers land. Kills his sheep with fear because no one knows what happened to her. I have her body, my soul is trapped now, just as hers has no place to go as long as her body lives.”

“But no one recognizes you …or her, whatever”, Dean said with a shake of his head.

“Because she was only twelve at the time of her disappearance… I took her body, changed it, made it mine. That was over 2 decades ago… and God, how humans forget…” her head dropped, her voice faded. “Look in the library archives and you will find her picture after her disappearance.”

“I could just kill her body and burn it.” He said mirthfully, gun becoming more pointed.

“It wont do you any good as long as I’m part of it, Dean!” She was suddenly agitated. “You have to kill the Fideal, my sister to free us both!”

“Why the hell is she… it killing girls here now?” he demanded of her insane story.

“Because I led her here by accident, she followed somehow over time this far from sea …and now she is a vengeance with a never ending hunger.” Marissa stepped forward, rays of dusky moonlight glinting off her face. Dean watched her eyes change into oceanic colours as if the very sea was within them. “We were worshiped as Goddess once, our beauty then is no more, it has died with our legend Dean. We belong here…no more.”

She held out her hand, laying on her palm was an object. “Take it Dean as it is the only thing that will kill her and set us both free.”

Lowering the gun he took a few careful steps closer, looking at what she held. A tiny dagger made of mother of pearl, simple with the swirling colours of the rainbow glinting across it.

“This is it? This will take down that…that ..” He could see pain in her eyes for what he was about to say changing then mid –sentence “Fideal?”

“Do not be deceived, hunter”, her voice was changing becoming prismatic touching all around him. “It may look small but it is powerful enough to slay a goddess of the sea.”

Dean reached out cautiously taking the delicate; near sliver of a knife. It was incredibly sharp as he found when it nicked his palm.

“Have a care, hunter”, she mused in a most beautiful tone.

Dean looked from the dagger to her, a crooked smile lighting his face. “You say you were more beautiful than even this?” his eyes taking in the lovely form she was of.

“At one time… over 5,000 of your years ago, Dean… yes.”

She stepped back then a smile on her face. “Why do you think I took this form when I did ? Arrogance, beauty and pride can ruin even a Goddess Dean.”

“Wait!” He said tucking the tiny dagger in his pants as she turned to leave. “How will we free the girl after your gone?”

She turned, her face flashing something dark and evil making him take a swift step back. “Her body will be as it was, before I took it, on edge of her fathers land.”

“Oh great”, he mumbled for the wide clarification.

“And Dean.”

He looked up but could no longer see her.´

“It is possible she could take another form…as well”

Dean stood in silence for a moment his eyes going wide. Sam, he had to find Sam!