The Sacrifice

Beneath the eternal circle of the white full-moon, a ring of highland menhir stones stood guard around the sacred ground of sacrifice. Clear stars cut through the sky like a swath of iridescent crystals that shone down upon the land with a cold, unearthly light. The chilled air of autumn whistled through the fields of grass. No sound, other than that of the wind and the distant sea, penetrates the circle of stones.

It was there, beside the altar that the sacrifice waited. She had the youth of a maiden: smooth, flawless ivory skin; small breasts, firm yet supple; a perfect figure unmarred by time; and a confidence of immortality only the naivety of youth could bring. Her beauty rivalled the glory of the landscape itself. Her eyes held colour of blooming heather, her hair was a magnificent crown of gilded tresses falling to a pair of shapely thighs, and her heart-shaped face held the beguiling essence of one of the fae.

She was shivering, but not from the bitter night. It was what lay in the darkness beyond the tall stone guardians that sent tremors of terror through her soul. And yet she quietly awaited her destiny…

A faint rumble of thunder sounded, and a delayed flash of distant lightning illuminated the world beyond the circle. The dark silhouette of a man was absorbed into the rapidly fading light, and the girl knew that he had come from his dark mountain-hall for her. The Crom Dubh; god of storm, and lord of eternal death.

She strained to hear his approach, but he is was as silent as the dead he ruled. She could only sense his nearness by the pulse of his great magic that grew stronger with every stride. Then the gloom of beyond was broken, and, with a whispered enchantment, he stepped into the circle.

The air seemed to ripple around him, and as he drew near, she saw that his face was as terrifyingly magnificent as his formidable form. Smooth skin barely softened the hard angles of high cheekbones and a strong jaw. His lips were sinfully full, and when he smiled, it brought a shock of lust coursing through her. It was his eyes, though, that captivated her. Silver as moonlight glinting off water, they seemed to penetrate through to her very soul. He was every girl’s dream, every woman’s fantasy; a god in human form.

Remembering her duty, her life for the good of her clan, she conquered her fear, and banished the lingering vestiges of desire. There where no longer any need for such worldly emotions. Her sacrifice would renew the land as her royal blood soaked into the parched soil, and she refused to shame her family for the desire of a life that would never be.

As if he had read her thoughts, his lips twisted into something just shy of a sneer.

Gathering her pride around her like a cloak, she stiffened her back, and held her head high. With her voice quiet but steady, Iell spoke, “My Lord.” Her eyes locked with Crom Dubh. She raised her hand above her head, and a perfectly honed sickle blade flashed in the darkness. “My life for their life, my blood for your pleasure…”

The blade arced down, the wicked point intended for her heart. She closed her eyes, and she drew in a last breath of air, sweetened by heather and salt. In her mind, she called out to the Great Mother for a merciful stroke. But a whisper from piercing her heart, a large hand gripped her slender wrist. With a sharp jerk, it shook loose her hold on the sickle, and it fell to the ground with a muffled thump.

”Iell, my child..” His low voice warmed her naked body as if he had set her on fire, and her eyes fluttered open. He towered over her, overpowering her will with his nearness. “It is not for my pleasure that your blood shall spill, but for yours.”

Crushing his lips down upon hers in a bruising kiss, he seared away all thought of death in the face of life. Circling her in his muscled arms, he lifted her against his body. Slowly he let her slide down his length so that he could feel every part of her. Though she was untouched and pure, this was no mere girl. Her body was that of a woman; full of seductive curves and smooth skin.

Iell inhales in his scent of earth and sea and a dark, underlying musk, that had her body instinctively readying itself for him. His tongue slipped in and out of her mouth; invading and retreating in a hypnotic dance that had her senses reeling. Her knees buckled beneath the onslaught, and he held her up with his strong hands.

When she finally began responding to him, gliding her tongue alongside his, rubbing her breasts against his chest, pressing her femininity against the steel hardness of his shaft, their passion spun out of control.

He backs her up against the altar, its coldness hardly noticeable for the heat their bodies were creating. The brace of stone at her waist forced her to bend back, and her Lord took the offering of her up-thrust breasts. Holding one in a hand, he sucked the hardened bud into his mouth.

Iell’s moans echoed in the circle, her song of innocent ecstasy weaving a powerful spell that bound the god to the mortal woman in a way he could never have imagined. Never before had he forsaken the sacrificed life blood for the virgin blood of a maidenhead. But never before had a woman entranced him as did she. So, he would take her innocence rather than her life, and in return, sacrifice a part of his divinity for her.

Lying flat, now, upon the stone, Iell looks up at the stars that blanketed the lovers. The silent sentinels standing guard above them, watched as her god lavished his attention upon her body. With his mouth and hands, he caresses and touches every part of her. At her breasts, he soothed her while suckling like a babe. Then, his merciless licking and teasing of the tips had her hips lifting in response to a question she did not completely understand.

Dipping lower, his tongue travelled down her abdomen, and the burning awareness in her womb intensified the lower he explored. When he reached the nest of pale curls that crowned the apex of her thighs, his tongue slipped between the folds that sheltered her throbbing need, she exploded with unexpected pleasure.

Standing tall, he looks down upon her glorious alabaster beauty that glowed like the sun in the night. Her long tresses spilled like a soft, golden drape over the slab of hard black stone. It was her unearthly radiance, he told himself, that made his heart ache… Aye, even gods possess a heart.

Despite her innocence, her responses to him were open and bold. She had cradled him gently as he sucked her breasts, and held his head between her legs as he licked and tongued her into a frenzy. It was that unwavering courage in the face of the unknown, he told himself, that made him want to hold her close and protect her… Aye, even gods fall prey to emotion.

Finally, unable to resist her wild cries any longer, he mounted the stone, and covered her body with his. He took her mouth with deep, drugging kisses, until the chaste panic of feeling his hard nakedness pressing down upon her soft vulnerability subsided. Soon, her body began to move sinuously against his, the frightened naivety of her youth disappearing under his seductive persistence.

Her tongue thrusts in to meet and play along his. Her back arched away from the cold and into his heat. Her hands slid down the bunched muscle of his back, and her legs opened, to at last, accept his need where she needed him most.

With one strong, sure stroke, he plunged past the fragile maidenhead, and delved deep into her wet fire. Iell gasped at the sharp pain that initiated her into the covenant of womanhood. When she clenched her muscles around the intruding thickness that filled her so completely, Crom Dubh groaned from the tight perfection that she was.

Holding still for a moment, the only consideration he gave for her tender inexperience, he allowed her body to adjust to his size. Slowly, he grind himself against her in circles, then retreats. Patiently, he waits again, hovering just beyond the gateway of her well, but this time it was for his pleasure. Then, when her hips rose in invitation, he claimed her again.

Together, they moved like ocean waves; rushing forward to the precipice of existence, withdrawing to regain the strength to surge forwards once more. Each thrust pulled him closer to that which could not be obtained without her mortal love. Each thrust filled her heart with the wild winds and furious storms of Crom Dubh. And when he emptied into her, spilling his divine seed within her fertile womb, they both cried out from the ecstasy of their love.

Cuddling her close to ward off the cold, he felt the frantic palpitations of her heart gradually steady into a languid pulse. Iell took delight in his unexpected tenderness, and, knowing that such gentle care was rare for a creature of the tempest, she loved him all the more for it.

”Mine”, Crom Dubh’s avowal resonated in the circle, before it was swallowed by the night. “You are mine forever, Iell.”

The magic, that had never ceased in its rhythmic dance through their fierce loving, stirred the air; the coming of the storm.

He moved to gaze upon her face, his silvery eyes darkening into polished pewter when she whispered her promise as she pulled his head down to capture his lips with hers, “Forever…”

The end.


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