Creature of Fire

A reply to a Smoke And Mirrors challenge posted on Realm of Fantasy. The character Terrel was created by Alterra.

He watched the man rest. In the flickering candle-light he was a creature of runes and enticing shadows. The chest raising slowly with every breath. At peace now, but only moments ago he had been fighting for his life, and for theirs. In sleep the Patryn looked so young, almost vulnerable. Terrel caught himself wanting to run his fingers through that dark tousled hair. He sighed, it had been so much easier when he had hated the man…

“Is he still sleeping?” the sweet voice, soft as snowflakes made him look up. Vianca, her dress torn, showing much of her slim legs, kneeled by the resting Patryn. Her fingers hovered above him, afraid to disturb the man.

She too was caught by his magic. But he would welcome her touches, Terrel thought. Who wouldn’t. He watched the faery and the Patryn, creatures of ice and fire. They accentuated each others beauty, both equally desirable. Terrel sighed, and turned to light another candle, not paying much attention to what he did he managed to burn his fingertips.

“Damn it!”

His startled voice woke Tristan who was on his feet in a second, as if he hadn’t slept at all. “What happened?”

“Nothing”, Terrel grunted. “I burnt my fingers on the candle that’s all.”

“You need someone to kiss it better?” the Patryn snickered.

“As a matter of fact, yes”, he replied.

Tristan gave him a grin, not the cold mirthless smile that usually played on his face, but mischievous and challenging. With snake- strike speed, he caught Terrel’s hand and pressed his lips to the scorched fingers.

The man gasped, to shocked to do anything. Soft lips, a wet tongue playfully tasting and tickling his sensitive fingertips. Dark eyes twinkling with amusement. “Better?” the Patryn asked, still with that cocky grin on his lips.

“I…I…” Terrel was speechless and quite red.

Tristan, still holding his hand, pulled him close. “This is what you want isn’t it?”, he said pressing his body against the shocked man. Muscles and steel, hard and unyielding. Terrel gasped as he felt the Patryn’s desire, saw it in those dark, dark eyes.

Strong arms, encircling his waist, tugging at his clothes…

“Wake up!”

Terrel opened his eyes, startled.

The grim face hovering above him was so unlike the playful one he saw in his dreams. So very different, yet so very similar…

“We have to move”, the Patryn continued, all warrior.

“Of course”, Terrel mumbled scrambling to his feet. Where is the one that kissed my fingers now? he asked himself as they made ready to continue their journey through this hellish world. Where is the creature of fire that made me burn and ache?

He was still there, only the fire that flared in the Patryn was the fire of hate, of anger. The fire that could burn a man to cinder. And the other fire, the one that keeps you warm at night, is that just a figment of my imagination? Terrel sighed.

Would he ever know the answer to that question?

The End.