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books2Due to me messing up the old theme’s PHP-files, I have had to update and change the theme to a new one. This, called Skirmish, is made for WordPress and hopefully it will work a little better with any new widget we might chose to install in the future.

To all of you who miss the old theme with its graphic based largely on the use of different texures, all I can say is, I miss it too. It was based on an old theme originally intended for e107 and it gave me a lot more control over the looks of the site. But I am sure that once I’ve gotten used to the snappy mordern feel of Skirmish I’ll be able to make it look a little less like any WordPress blog out there and more like the Faery Court we’re used to.

Aside from a lack of personal flavour, I have to admit I like the clean cut design and I am happy with the new graphic, inspired by old books and the fresh flowers of spring.

Best Regards,
Sharma Wild



It’s Spring Dammit!

tumblr_m3ciu6609B1qggdq1The weather outside might still be grey, cold and wet, but here on the Faery Court spring has arrived! As always we celebrate the change of season with a new theme and a renewed wish that our little community will grow and evolve.

At the moment we have three very active members, myself included, and a couple of old friends lurking in the shadows. We have a growing library of fan fiction set in the worlds of Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Assassins Creed.  At the moment it is all kept on the private part of the board, but we’ll try to get something up for you to read here on the open part of the Faery Court.

On a more personal note, I have started working on one of my old stories. It started out as a short story but it is growing into a novel. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it and perhaps even publish it sometime this year. I’m holding my fingers crossed. :)

Best Regards,



Happy Holidays!

poe2We have left the warmth and light of summer behind and entered the dark months of the year… Now is the time to tell ghost stories and rekindle our relationship with the werewolf and the vampire. But it is also the time to light candles and give ourselves over to the magic of Christmas. 

We decorate our homes, we set our tables and present a cornucopia of delicious treats and dishes, we give and receive gifts… Every family has its own traditions when it comes to celebrate Christmas – traditions that let us connect to our childhood, and to the loved ones we have lost. We feel close to those who came before us and we celebrate the light and love they passed on, and we create new memories and new traditions to be handed down to the new generations.

Here on the Faerycourt we have only one tradition: a new theme to reflect the change of the seasons. Our Winter-theme is inspired by the world of fairytales and of times past.

I also want to take this opportunity to present two new members: Cyan, who joined us earlier this year, and Fallen Angel, who was a member on the old site and who has returned to, hopefully, add his creativity to ours.

As always I hope the Faerycourt will continue to be a place of wild imaginations and flights of fancy, of poetry and beauty both dark and light. If anything I hope we can inspire you to read and write and add your own kind of beauty to this world.

How ever you celebrate Christmas, I wish you one of magic and light.

With love,



Happy Walpurgis Night!!

It is the eve of May Day. Here in Sweden we celibrate by lighting bonfires and singing songs. And by drinking too much and raising hell. I think it’s the viking heritage.lol Personallay I’m going to spend this evening with a tub of B&J Cookie dough ice cream, sorting through my books. I’m moving to a small house with a tiny garden in about two weeks time. I can’t wait! I’ve wanted to move away from the city for so long and now it’s finally happening!

I couldn’t let the season change go unnoticed and so I have updated the Faery Court theme. This new set of graphic and colours are inpsired by the Bohemian era of the 19th century. I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,




Supernatural ~ The Alternate Season: Stormy: Chapter 12

This story is written by Alterra von Feures and myself as a part of our alternate re-telling of Supernatural.

Set after the end of Season 2. Dean and Sam goes after a creature that kills and feeds on young women. But, as Sam discovers, things get a bit more complicated than that when he finds himself attracted to one of the would be victims.

A/N: Thank you all for your kind reviews. We hope you will enjoy this last chapter of Stormy.

”NO! NO! NO!” Sam screamed running after her only to find himself caught in Dean’s arms. He simply dropped, dragging Sam with him to the stone floor as the wind whipped out slapping at them as it dissipated just as quickly, leaving a swirl of dust to rise in the musty morning air.

Dean was gasping in pain as he held Sam, dragging him against his chest he felt the silent sobs racking his slender form. He stroked Sam’s dust hewn hair, let him cry without saying a word. His eyes glancing in the direction of the dead priest. there was nothing left of him. Only dust skittering across the area he had died …

”One less body to explain…” he mumbled to himself.

It was sunset as they drove the shiny pumpkin coloured Beetle back towards Bobby’s place. Dean was angsty to get back to work on his car. The cramped space of the bug reminding him just how bad he wanted her fixed.

He glanced over at Sam, worried. He hadn’t said hardly anything in the last two days after Stormy’s decision of fate. His face drawn, the bruise across the side of his cheek making him look so much older. His casted arm leaning on the Bug’s wheel, the fingers playing over the steering spokes like spider legs emerging from a web.



”It wasn’t meant to be.”

”I know.”

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